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Now YOU can claim your share of the massive market for private label article content by joining IGR's new affiliate program...There's absolutely no cost to participate!

Just like our member services, IGR's affiliate program is unique - there's nothing else out there like it...

Here's how it works:

...IGR offers new and varying commissions, cash bonuses, affiliate competitions and prizes on a regular basis.  For example, one month we may offer $10 for each and every IGR member you refer (for that month)...While the next month, we might offer $2,000 cash to the affiliate who refers the most members...Or how about a brand new Apple iPodô for every affiliate who refers 10 or more IGR members for a given period?  You get the idea.

You may participate in any or all of the various contests and commission plans we'll be offering.  The most important step is to register as an IGR affiliate right away.  That way, not only can you start promoting IGR today (see our current affiliate promotion below), you'll also be notified about our upcoming events.

We want our affiliate program to be one of the most exciting and highly rewarding free opportunities that you're a part of...So stick with us and let's make it happen!

Following is the current IGR affiliate compensation schedule...

IMPORTANT:  Whenever we update this table with a new compensation structure or affiliate competition, we'll send out an email notification to all affiliates:

Current IGR Affiliate Compensation Details

...$10 Per Referral + $100 Bonus Opportunity!


Starting now (today), we're offering all IGR affiliates:

1. $10 per each and every new IGR member you refer!

2. $100 instant bonus to each affiliate that refers 20+ new IGR members! This is in addition to the commissions above.

All commissions offered above are currently applicable.

IGR affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal.com.
Contact us for special payment arrangements.

How to Join:

If you're not already an IGR affiliate, click here to register for free.  IGR does not pay spammers.  Joining as an affiliate signifies your acceptance of our Terms.

Affiliate Resources:

Click here for a list of affiliate resources that will aid you in referring as many members as possible to IGR -- The King of Content!

Affiliate Login l Affiliate Resources


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