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"How To Start Your Own Online Or
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You'll Ever Need..."

You're just a few easy clicks away from gaining instant access
to an AMAZING resource that will enable even the laziest of online
marketers to: Generate unlimited web-site traffic, boost your
Google Adsense™ & affiliate commissions, launch content web-sites
& newsletters & BLOGS literally overnight, create endless information
to sell online OR off, produce special reports & training
courses, and much more!


You've heard the 'buzz' about us - you'll soon see why!...

From the Desk of:  Bryan Winters, CEO
Company:  GoldLiger Marketing, Inc.
Location:  Lakeville, MN

Dear Friend,

Just imagine what YOU could do if you somehow had access to your own private team of hundreds of freelance writers, who's sole mission was to crank out quality articles and information products for you around the clock, 7 days a week?

...And further what if you could take these articles and products and utilize them in all sorts of profitable ways just as if you'd written them yourself?  Meaning you'd never have to credit the original writers in any manner, you could modify or add to the article & product content in any way you wanted, and even sign YOUR name as author?!

If you had access to such a resource, what would you do with it?

...Would you use it to build your own publishing EMPIRE?

...Would you use it to generate unlimited free search engine traffic?

...Would you perhaps take advantage of the fact that the majority of people selling ebooks and other digital products online are totally ignoring the off-line market (which happens to carry many times the potential that online information marketing does)?

One thing's for sure, the possibilities with access to such a resource would be endless.

It's Like Waking Up From A Spectacular Dream,
And Realizing Your Fantasy Has Become a Reality!

Hopefully I've got your mind racing with ideas now.  And hopefully you're ready to put those ideas into action, because:   Not only is the resource I described above a reality, it can be yours just moments from now - for little or even NO cost!

Introducing "InfoGoRound.com" (IGR) - the world's first and only "all-in-one" private label article & product content provider!

It's Like 4 Separate Services All Wrapped In ONE -
But Done Without Sacrificing An Ounce of Quality!

As an IGR member you'll have around-the-clock access to 4 incredibly powerful content-based services as follows:

1. IGR's Massive Private Label Article Database!

You'll have unlimited access to our ever-growing, fully-searchable database of private label article content!

Now with over 4,000 EXCLUSIVE articles instantly at your fingertips!!

Need an article NOW?  Well, you can search our article database by keyword, by favorite "original author," by top-rated article - or simply browse our 40+ content categories to find the article you desire within seconds!

When you find an article you'd like to use, our ingenious built-in formatting tool enables you to instantly format it to fit your desired application.  For example, with an online newsletter you may wish to format your articles at 55 characters wide.  Whereas, for a special report or "ebook" you may wish to widen the format.  IGR's formatting tool makes an otherwise tedious and mundane task a BREEZE!

Following are the current private label article database categories. You'll find that our categories cover the majority of today's most popular topics both online and off...

-Home Business
-Marketing & Advertising Off-line
-Development (Product & Business)
-Manufacturing / Industrial

Employment & Wealth
-Jobs / Employment
-Real Estate
-Investing / Finance

Health & Fitness
-Diet / Nutrition
-General / Mental Health
-Herbal / Remedies

-Love / Romance
-Philosophy / Religion
-Shopping / Product Reviews

Computers & Internet
-Internet Marketing
-Hardware / Software
-Web Design / Graphics
-Browsers / Network Administration

Entertainment & Recreation

Home & Family
-Home Improvement
-Education (Student)

Articles Wanted

...We monitor and manage categories such that each [category] is "stocked" with brand new (freshly written) content on a regular basis.  I.e., no category is neglected!

Brand new exclusive articles are regularly added to the database!  Every week you can login to find new private label articles that have been freshly written and submitted by members, or by IGR's staff of ghostwriters.

Value:  $100,000.00 (4,000+ articles @ $25 each)!!

2. IGR's Private Label Niche Article Packs!

In addition to our database articles,  you'll receive 200-250 private label articles on HOT niche topics such as:

-Selling on Ebay
-Investing in Real Estate
-Stock Investments
-Etc. (4-8 new topics will be covered each month)

These articles are offered in "bundles" each consisting of anywhere from 10-50 articles.  Each bundle will focus on a different niche topic.  As mentioned, you'll typically receive at least 200-250 "niche article pack" articles in total each month.  Remember, this is in addition to the articles added to the IGR article database every month.

You can use the Niche Article Pack articles in the very same way that you're able to use our database articles (the only real difference is in the way they are "delivered" to you as a member - in article bundles separated by topic, vs. articles published within IGR's database).

Some potential uses include:

- Quickly create your own content based web-sites.
- Generate Adsense and affiliate commissions.
- Create your own ebooks and information products.
- Publish your own online or OFF line newsletter.
- Create training courses and special reports.
- Generate unlimited free traffic - we'll show you how!
- And much more!

Value:  $600+ per month.

3. IGR's Private Label Product Packages!

Every month you'll receive not one, but TWO complete private label product packages with a real world value of anywhere from $500-1,000!  ...Meaning we literally pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000+ to have these products professionally developed on your behalf, for your exclusive benefit!

The two monthly products are books written exclusively for members by a professional freelance writer, and will consist of 40-100 pages each, of valuable information on hot niche topics.

...In addition to each of the two monthly private label products just covered, we'll provide you with corresponding private label sales letters!  Each sales letter is 2-3 pages in length and is professionally written using the time-tested "AIDA" (Attention; Interest; Desire; Action) copywriting formula. As with the products, you are free to modify these sales letters in any way you desire - set your own pricing and money-back guarantees, add additional bullet points, etc.

For sales letters of the quality we provide, you'd have to shell out anywhere from $100 - $500 per letter!

As if that's not enough already, we've decided to include professional web-site graphics packages to correspond with every private label product!  Each graphics package will include:

- A header/banner
- Book cover
- Order button
- Footer
- Background image

...Everything you need to put together a powerful direct-response web-site!  You will be amazed at the quality of these graphics - we guaranteed it!

Value:  $1,000+ per month.

4. IGR's Exclusive Articles Wanted Service!

Can't find the article you want?  Our unique "Articles Wanted" service enables you to post specific article topics that you may be seeking.  Although we can't absolutely guarantee fulfillment of all article requests, there is a good chance yours will be filled, particularly when you request a popular topic.

...In fact, we have a writer on staff specifically for the purpose of fulfilling the requests posted in our Articles Wanted section!

Value:  Unlimited!

Have I Forgotten Anything?

Even the most experienced, fluid writers can benefit with IGR's services.  In fact, if you're constantly trying to "do it all yourself" it's time to put the power of "outsourcing" at your fingertips by becoming a member of IGR!

Our mission is to provide all the private label content you could EVER need as an aspiring or seasoned marketer or publisher...

1. A fully searchable, ever-expanding, private label, niche article database.
Value:  $100,000.00 (4,000+ articles @ $25 each)!!
2. Private label niche article packs.
Value:  $600+ per month.
3. Private label products & product content - including public domain content.
Value:  $1,000+ per month.
4. Article fulfillment through IGR's exclusive Articles Wanted service.
Value:  Unlimited!

Total Value: $100,000.00+ And $1,600 Ongoing Monthly!

Are you ready to start putting "The 'Fort Knox' of Private Label Content" to good use?!...

10 Ways To Begin Building Your Business
Today With IGR's Top Quality Content...

IGR is designed to serve as your singular content source - Imagine being just a couple mouse clicks away from having all the private label content you'll ever need.

Imagine having a never-ending supply of articles for your newsletters... Or having access to unlimited content for your web-sites and blogs... Or having content with which you can quickly and easily create and publish books, training courses, special reports, and more... Or having keyword specific content to generate free traffic through search engines, forums, directories...

In just moments from now you can begin using IGR content to potentially:

1. Create your own network of "niche" web-sites.  Use your sites as vehicles to promote your favorite affiliate programs and/or Google Adsense™ listings.

2. Add freshly written content to your existing sites on a regular basis.  Content that could take you months to write can be acquired and added to your web-site(s) in literally just a few minutes thanks to IGR.

3. Start your own profitable "chain" of online or offline newsletters.  Time after time (after time), you can login to IGR and with one quick search have fresh articles ready to send to your subscribers!

4. Generate free web-site traffic through the major search engines with our keyword specific content. Don't forget, the content IGR provides is private label and can be modified in any way you see fit - add additional keywords, affiliate links, the sky's the limit.

5. Generate free traffic by utilizing our article content on forums and message boards.  Many popular forums will allow you to include a link to your web-site, provided your posts offer useful information.  As an IGR member you'll always have useful, "post-ready" information at your fingertips.

6. Generate free traffic and by creating "viral" products that contain links to your web-sites and product offers.  You could also increase your subscriber base by offering such products as bonuses to your prospective newsletter subscribers.

7. Within minutes:  Create books and other information products for sale or distribution - perhaps even your own best seller!  By compiling/arranging IGR article content, or by utilizing IGR's ready-made product content, you'll be able to create a wide variety of information products in rapid succession...Books, ebooks, special reports, training courses, how-to manuals, tutorials, and more.  You are free to convert our text-based content into a variety of optional formats such as pdf, exe, cd-rom, audio, or even video!

8. Publish your own magazine?  (Your "staff of writers" is in already in place!  Use IGR's ready-made article content to assemble your own online or offline magazine in efficient fashion.)

9. Of course, the content we provide would be perfect for use in your own blog!  (One of the keys to a successful blog is consistency.  On days when you experience "writers block" or are simply short on time, grab an article from IGR and you have an instant blog entry.)

10. Pre-sell your prospective customers by using the content that relates to the products or services you're promoting.  It's a fact:  *Educating your customer* is one of the most effective ways to "sell" them on your offer.

 And much, much more.  Like I said, the possibilities are truly endless!

Ask Any Millionaire Info-Marketer or Publisher
How Successful They'd Be Without Content!

If you've been online for any time at all, you've no doubt heard the expression, "content is king." And believe me, these days that expression is more true than ever.  While other forms of online advertising and marketing are becoming less and less effective, content is only strengthening its power in terms of generating free traffic, customers, and subscribers - all of which are obvious key components to the success of your business!

And of course, content is needed for much more than just traffic generation alone.  I've yet to see an information product or successful web-site without content of some kind!  Simply put, content is the LIFEBLOOD of most any successful business. You'd be hard-pressed to survive without content, let alone succeed!

...It doesn't matter whether you operate a small home-based business in your spare time, or head the marketing department of a large company.  IGR -- "The King of Content" -- can help build your business in a way that NO other resource can.  In fact, we're confident that IGR will become your most valued business resource both now, and for years to come.  It's a resource you'll be hard-pressed doing without once you've experienced it for yourself!

While your competitors continue spending weeks or even months writing their own content, or shelling out hundreds of dollars to have freelancers write content for them, you'll be able to bypass the time and expense that you'd otherwise have to invest in order to fulfill your content needs.  (I.e., you'll leave your competition in the dust!)

Why "Private Label" Content?...

As mentioned, IGR's private label article & product content can be used exactly as is or modified to your liking. You may add to it, delete unwanted portions, insert your own affiliate links, compile it, sign your name as author, and more.

But equally important is that IGR's private label content, particularly the article content, is the long-awaited solution to something that is "quietly" costing online marketers and business owners just like yourself countless thousands of dollars in "lost income" every year. Let me explain...

You work hard to generate your newsletter subscribers, web-site visitors and prospective customers!  So the last thing you want to do is drive them to other peoples' web-sites and product offers...Yet, when you use articles that require author "resources boxes" and "link-backs", that's precisely what you're doing!

...Articles obtained from public directories require that you reprint articles exactly as they appear, including the author's resource box and web-site link.  So when you publish such articles in your newsletter or on your web-site, you're providing free exposure for somebody else!  You are driving your prospective customers and business away from you and straight to your competition.

I'm sure you're asking, "With these costly disadvantages, why are so many people using this type of public content?"

...The answer is simply that until now, the only other content provision alternatives were hiring a "ghost" or "freelance" writer directly (at anywhere from $15 to $100 an hour), or spending large amounts of time writing one's own content.

But finally there is "a better way" thanks to IGR!

Why I'm Absolutely Crazy About
"Information Marketing!"

Besides the fact that I've personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the comfort of home as an info-marketer, here's why I'd recommend information marketing to virtually anyone with a desire to achieve financial freedom...

  • Enjoy unlimited income potential. Countless millionaires have been made in the information marketing business (publishers, Internet and mail order marketers, seminar speakers, authors, and more) - could you be the next?
  • You control your time and schedule.  Time is your most important asset. Chances are your employer controls much of your time right now. But you have the opportunity to change that beginning today. As a full time information marketer you can work when you want, and however little or however much you want - and as a result, discover what true freedom is really like.
  • Start on a shoestring budget.  Just imagine, you can start and run a successful Internet-based information marketing business for well under $75 per month (that's less than my cable bill!). The income-potential vs. cost-of-doing-business ratio of the information marketing business is second to none!
  • Take advantage of unbeatable profit margins.  Back when I was involved in the manufacturing business (it seems like a "past life" now), the profit margins were as low as 10-15%. Meaning, if we sold a product at $100 retail, we were lucky to make $15 profit on that sale!  In the information marketing business, profit margins of 95-100% are common. (For example, digital books and information products cost absolutely nothing to reproduce and distribute, and are often priced at $10 to $97 per copy depending on the subject matter.)
  • Run your business from anywhere in the world.  I can my entire business from the comfort of home.  With my wireless Internet connection my office is anywhere I choose to sit down and work - even outside on nice days. And I can easily run my business from wherever I might choose to go. I'm based in Minnesota, but let's say I became sick of the sub-zero temperatures and shoveling my driveway during the Minnesota winters... Running my business from warm and sunny Florida would be a simple matter of bringing my laptop with me, and getting an Internet connection wherever I decide to stay.
  • Enjoy more free time by completely automating much of your business.  If you choose to run an online information marketing business, you can easily automate the entire ordering process - everything from accepting and processing customer payments, to fulfilling the order by having the customer automatically transferred to your "product download page" after their payment is complete.  So all that "hype" you hear about making money while you sleep, or while you're out shopping (or out on the golf course like me) - that's not hype!  That's the real deal.

Listen, I realize there are lots of ways to earn a good living - and even get rich. But quite honestly I don't think there's a better way to do it than as an information marketer!

If you were here standing in front of me, I'd be tempted to grab you by the collar, look you in the eye and plead with you to get involved in selling information products if you're not already.  Regardless of whether you do it HERE or elsewhere - just get involved period, and you'll thank me someday!

...So What's This All Have To Do With IGR? 

In a word, everything!

Becoming an IGR member is the ideal way to start your information marketing career!

You could easily spend thousands of dollars (or thousands of hours) on product development.  As an IGR member, we take care of much of the hard work FOR you.  We find the hot topics and bring them to you in the form of unlimited private label article & product content - thousands of dollars worth of quality content that you can sign YOUR name to!

If you've ever dreamed of  becoming an author, IGR represents the best opportunity you may EVER have - to become an instant author!

Become A Part Of The IGR Community!

IGR represents a rapidly growing community of individuals and business owners who understand that quality content is the heart of marketing and publishing success both online and off.  Further, it's a community of people who realize that cooperation and "networking" are also vital keys to personal and financial success...

Through the IGR private forum you'll have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other IGR members -  marketers and publishers just like yourself who share your passion for success.  Whether you're interested in discovering new ways to build your traffic and cashflow with content, getting expert marketing help and advice, forming lucrative joint ventures, or just "shooting the breeze" with others, the IGR forum alone is worth far more than the "price" of admission (which I'll cover in a moment).

As an IGR member, you have the option to participate in our exclusive "Author Publishing Program" by writing and submitting articles through our member "Publishing Center."  The Publishing Center includes a number of handy writing tools including a built in spelling and grammar check, thesaurus, an attractive text box with automated word count, writing "quick-tips", and more!

...You may submit up to 1 article (400 word minimum) for each or any month of your IGR membership. 

Of course, quality matters.  IGR implements a number of simple but effective "quality tracking systems" that keep our content quality at a high level.  These tracking systems include an article rating system, an author rating system, a "Report Inappropriate Article" function, and required spelling and grammar checks (through our provided spelling/grammar checker).  In addition, members that choose to write and submit articles to IGR must follow our posted Article Writing Requirements.  As long as submissions conform to our Article Writing Requirements and don't receive low ratings, IGR will accept them.  Quality content is important to us because it is important to you as an IGR member!

Remember, our Author Publishing Program is strictly optional.  Whether you choose to participate or not, IGR offers an unparalleled value in terms of content provision for your business.

Can you imagine life without the Internet? ...In that same respect, upon becoming an IGR member you may literally find yourself wondering how you ever got along without our private label article & product content services in the past. IGR is ready to enhance your business (and your life!) in a way that absolutely no other resource can.

An Offer That Nobody Can
Afford...To Pass Up!

By joining IGR today you'll be granted instant access to the private members area (article database, product packages, forum, etc.) so that you can get started immediately!

Before "revealing" the price of membership, consider that a single ghost-written article could easily cost you $15 to $25 or more.  In contrast, imagine receiving a streaming supply of freshly written private label article & product content - thousands of articles, and thousands of pages of product content immediately - and hundreds more every month!

...What value would you place on such a resource?

$297 per month?  $347 per month?

...In terms of value you wouldn't be wrong to expect a fee in that general range.  But rest assured, we're not going to charge you anywhere near that amount:

IGR is currently accepting new memberships at just $24.95 per month! 

Truly, it's the deal of a lifetime.


IGR membership may not be available at this extremely low price forever, so you'd be wise to lock in your membership at the current price TODAY:  If and when the $24.95 price expires, there will be no "second chances" awarded.  By locking in today, you will remain at $24.95 per month for the duration of your IGR membership.  (You may cancel at any time.)

- IGR's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee -

If for whatever reason you're still not sure about IGR, why not take it for a completely risk-free test run?  If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, simply send us an email within the first 30 days of your initial order to request a prompt and courteous refund.

Join InfoGoRound.com Today!

Becoming an IGR member is a snap!

Have your credit card ready.  Click on the link below to proceed to our secure order form.  Make sure to click on the "Continue" link after your payment to register a password. You'll then have instant access to the IGR membership site.  (If you have any trouble simply send us an email and we'll make certain you're taken care of.)

All payments are processed securely via SSL encryption - the industry standard. You may cancel your IGR membership at any time by contacting us with your request.

Click Here to Proceed to Our Secure Order Form
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Just $24.95 per month. Your membership will renew
automatically each month. You may cancel at any time.

We look forward to fulfilling all your private label content needs!

Here For Your Success,
Bryan Winters
-Bryan Winters
CEO, GoldLiger Marketing, Inc.

P.S.  If you feel you've found a "better offer" on private label article & product content anywhere else online, let us know and we'll do everything in our power to beat it.  IGR is the original all-in-one private label content provider, and we're committed to staying on top - far and above in terms of both quantity and quality for the benefit of our valued members!

P.P.S.  You're still here?!  You should be inside our members area by now and on your way to generating unlimited FREE web-site traffic, boosting your Google Adsense™ & affiliate commissions, launching content web-sites & newsletters & BLOGS literally overnight, creating endless information products to sell online OR off, producing special reports & training courses, and MUCH more!  Here's the link to join again in case you missed it:

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