Article Writing Requirements

IMPORTANT:  IGR scans all articles using a proprietary system. If your article does not meet the following writing requirements it will be UNpublished, and your article submission privilages revoked. Please review your article carefully and make corrections before submitting to IGR).

By writing and submitting articles to IGR you are signifying that you have read and agreed to the following...

1. Exclusive ownership. You agree and represent that you solely own all the copyrights to material submitted to IGR.

2. Exclusive distribution rights. Article content that you submit to IGR must be original, previously unpublished, and written by you exclusively for IGR.

Your submission gives and assigns to IGR and its principals the irrevocable rights to use, reproduce, distribute, display, publicly perform, and prepare derivative works of the content in any manner, including to publish and distribute your content in IGR and to use your content in IGR advertising; and for any IGR member to use your submitted content as permitted by these Rules, the IGR User Agreement and IGR Article-Content Usage Rules.

To the extent any applicable law or treaty prohibits the transfer or assignment of any rights, moral rights or rights of restraint you have to your content, you waive those rights as to IGR.

3. Self-enforcement. Enforcement of your copyright and other rights is up to you and not IGR. IGR is not obligated in any way to take any action to enforce your rights.

4. No public domain content. No recipes.

5. You CAN include advertising in the form of affiliate links in the body of your article.

6. No illegal content, such as defamatory material.

7. No profanity, vulgarity, sexually explicit or pornographic material, anything related to age restricted products (alcohol, firearms, etc.), hate or racist material, or anything that IGR in its sole discretion deems to be inappropriate for publication or distribution on IGR.

8. The submission cannot contain any HTML except for links, bold, underline, italics, blockquoting, line breaks, headers, and list tags. Images and JavaScript are not allowed.

9. Articles must be written in proper English and must use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Always double check your work thoroughly before submitting.

10. Avoid excessive hyphens, asterisks, etc. (use only the absolute necessary text, characters and punctuation).

11. Articles must be a minimum of 400 words in length.

12. Articles should be informative in nature, and any facts presented should generally be checked for accuracy (follow due diligence).

13. Articles must not be written in first person (i.e., I, me, my, we).

14. Your article title should do an accurate job of describing the "ultimate benefit" of your article content and should ideally include one or more "keywords" related to the topic of your article. Here is an example of the proper format for an article title:

7 Keys To A Perfect Golf Swing

15. IGR Publication Rights. IGR has the sole discretion as to whether content you submit is published on IGR, where it is published, how it is categorized, and how long it is published.  If your article doesn't satisfy the IGR Article Writing Requirements, we reserve the right to edit your article such that it satisfies our requirements.

IGR has an article and author rating system. IGR is not responsible for ratings provided by others.

Generally, articles of poor quality which receive poor ratings or feedback, or that do not conform to the IGR Article Writing Requirements, will be unpublished/deleted at the sole discretion of IGR admin.

Click here to view a sample article that demonstrates the type of format and content accepted by IGR.

Please understand that our writing guidelines are for your benefit as an IGR member.  Requiring certain standards and guidelines helps to establish and maintain a reasonable IGR article content quality standard - a standard which we believe is vital to your publishing success!


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